Another successful Sea to Scenery race

Forty participants on Saturday morning December 3 took on the strenuous task of running or walking from Cove Bay to the top of Mount Scenery in the annual Sea to Scenery race.

Participants of the 2022 Sea-to-Scenery race at the top of Mnt Scenery.
Photo Kai Wulf

The group gathered shortly after 6:30 am at Cove Bay to receive their racing number and to listen to the last instructions from organizer Jochem Batstra. Upon the starting signal from Batstra a little after 7:00 am, the participants touched the sea water and started the climb towards the 887m top.

The first part of the race took the participants over the road, past Zion’s Hill and Windwardside, to the start of the Mt. Scenery steps next to the trail shop. From there, it was only steps, more than 1,000 of them, up to an area just underneath the top. For safety reasons, the Sea to Scenery race stops at this area because the top itself is too small to fit a large group.

The fittest ones ran the entire way, while many walk the course, which is no small feat either. Among the group, this time was the youngest participant to ever take part, Andrew Cox, age 6. As it was a clear day, participants had beautiful views along the route where in several places the public cheered on the group of runners and walkers. The group included three dogs who walked it up with their owners.

There were numerous water stations along the route where the participants were happy to get a cup of refreshing Saba Splash water, handed out by volunteers. The Saba Red Cross kept an eye on how the participants were doing and were ready to provide assistance if needed. At the top, Kai Wulf took a group photo, after which the participants walked back the steps to Chez Bubba Bistro for a well-deserved breakfast, sponsored by the restaurant.

Organizer Batstra thanked the participants, and especially the volunteers, Red Cross, and the sponsors, Saba Splash and Chez Bubba. “It was yet another successful Sea to Scenery race with a nice turn-out on a beautiful day,” he said.

The top 3 results, male and female, are as follows: (Male) 1. Oliver Klokman 57min 15 seconds, 2. Jochem Batstra 59:44 and 3. Alejandro Londoño Garcia 1:02:42. 1. (Female) Claire Nuyens 1:11:32, 2. Willemijn van Leeuwen 1:12:42 and 3. Suzanne Skibinski 1:20:37.

Batstra encouraged people to come out for the Saba Triathlon on January 21, 2023, and mentioned that people can also sign up for part of the triathlon, namely the trail run along several trails including the Bottom Mountain trail and Sandy Cruz trail.

Suzanne Koelega

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  1. Congratulations to all. Wow! Those times are amazing. I’ve been up and down a few times myself. Those ARE great times.

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