2022 gave Saba another successful “Saba Doet”

Hundreds of volunteers took part in the Saba Doet 2022 last Friday and Saturday.

Beautifying the school ground at Sacred Heart Primary School
(Photo GIS Saba)

Volunteers of all ages collected plastics from the shoreline in Giles Quarter, painted the outer walls of the H.C. Every Home for senior citizens, played games with senior citizens, beautified the patio of the greenhouse of the LIFE program, enhanced the Sacred Heart Primary School, cooked a weekend meal for clients of the Meals on Wheels, children and parents had fun with chocolate, planted trees at The Garden and at the Botanical Garden, prepared healthy dishes with locally-grown products, cleaned up St. John’s, set up stage lights at the Zion’s Hill Community Center and worked on the Sea and Rescue boat at the Saba Comprehensive School.

Five of the in total 23 projects had to be postponed because of unforeseen circumstances. The making of a bench at the scenic look-out point and the improvements to the bus stop and lookout bench at Zion’s Hill could not take place because of the rain. The afterschool care playground project and the afterschool playground safety project had to be postponed for logistic reasons. The projects that had to be postponed will be carried out this month.

This was the fourth edition of Saba Doet. The organizers look back at a highly successful event. Especially the social initiatives, Chocolate Fun and the preparing of healthy dishes with local ingredients, were very well-attended, further strengthening the bonds within the community. A large number of children, also very young ones, and high school students participated in Saba Doet.

Worth mentioning is also the collection by close to 30 volunteers, the youngest one a mere three years old, of a full truckload of plastics that had washed ashore on Giles Quarter. Saba Doet is a yearly event, funded by the Oranje Fonds and locally carried out by the Saba Lion’s Club.

This year, projects were submitted by 10 organizations: the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS), Saba Cares, the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF), Saba Girls and Boys Sports Society Afterschool Care, Saba Reach Foundation, Reverend Gerard Bisschop Foundation, Child Focus Foundation, Sacred Heart Primary School, Saba Nature Education, Saba Lion’s Club and Body, Mind & Spirit (BMS).

GIS Saba

Police report of Wednesday, the 9th of March until Wednesday, the 16th of March 2022
Performance of the Sacred Heart School is still insufficient.

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