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swinging doors

Swinging Doors

Telephone: 416-2506

Swinging Doors is definitely the place where everybody knows your name. It anchors the corner in Windwardside opposite the Big Rock Market.

Prop. and bartender Eddie Hassell has the neighborhood watering hole recipe down pat: a well-stocked inventory, simple fare (hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, etc.), and a wealth of unsolicited opinions-he renamed his “potato offering” Freedom fries after recent disappointments over non-support from European ally. Eddie is a naturalized American citizen and served in the US merchant marine for 13 years. Ask the man for a story and you a likely to get a book.

Speaking of Pat – and we were, weren’t we? – Eddie’s wife Pat does her best to keep the Wild West flavor of the Swinging Doors reigned in: the atmosphere is definitely mellow for families with children. The atmosphere is fun, the chairs comfortable, and the conversation lively.

Eddie’s specialties are BBQ ribs and chicken dinners on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Quality is consistently excellent, ingredients rigorously fresh.

A new offering is char-your-own steak night on Sundays, although Eddie is glad to do the honors if sitting back talking to the locals is more to your liking.

Call ahead (416-2506) for a table or take out because chow disappears quickly. Open seven days a week from 9am to closing.

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