Survey of Saba’s labor market

The Public Entity Saba has contracted Ernst & Young Consulting (EY) to conduct a labor market survey to assess the current state of the labor market on Saba.

The work by EY will comprise a detailed survey to get a comprehensive picture of the current state of the labor market on Saba. The survey will focus on the size and distribution of the workforce, representation of key occupations, industries and workforce education in the current labor market, and diversity, inclusion and representation of key groups within the labor market.

As part of the survey, a representative sampling methodology will be developed and a digital/telephone survey will be developed and carried out. The key findings and insights from the survey data will be stated in a summary report.

The local government will use the analysis of the labor market for its economic development policy, while the findings will also be important for Saba’s new multi-million-dollar harbor project at Black Rocks. EY has also been contracted to conduct a socio-economic impact assessment of the to-be-constructed Black Rocks harbor.

The Saba Island Council during one of its recent meetings had asked for an insight into the local labor market. Therefore, the Executive Council decided to request EY to also carry out a labor market survey while conducting the socio-economic impact assessment.

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