SeaDream II visits Saba December 22

The small luxury cruise ship SeaDream II is scheduled to visit Saba on Thursday, December 22. Six more calls of the SeaDream I and II are planned for January, February and March 2023.

A ship of the SeaDream Yacht Club visiting Saba. (Jamie Buchanan photo)

Guests of the SeaDream II will be able to take an island tour, go on a guided hike, go scuba diving or explore the island on their own. There will be a booth of the Saba Tourist Office at Fort Bay Harbor, where the ship’s agent Saba C-Transport will also be present, to greet the visitors and give them information.

The Arts & Crafts market will be set up in front of the Tourist Office in Windwardside on December 22 between 10am -12pm and Karel Sorton has been invited to play his steelpan at the Breadline Plaza in the morning hours.

The last visit of a SeaDream ship was in April 2022. Jaime Buchanan of Saba C-Transport said that many of the passengers on the ships of the SeaDream Yacht Club are repeat guests who like exploring the island and may come back to Saba for a longer visit.

The next calls of SeaDream I and II are scheduled for January 9 and 30, February 1 and 8, and March 8 and 20. In total, SeaDream I has four port calls scheduled in 2023 and SeaDream II five port calls. Multiple port calls are scheduled for 2024 as well; five port calls of SeaDream I and five port calls of SeaDream II. “We look forward to welcoming SeaDream Yacht Club and their guests to Saba for years to come,” said Buchanan.

About SeaDream

Established in 2001, SeaDream Yacht Club launched with twin mega-yachts, SeaDream I and SeaDream II, and has achieved the industry’s highest accolades. “It’s Yachting, Not Cruising” defines SeaDream’s mission which is to provide a casual yachting experience that exceeds guests’ expectations as they explore the world’s most amazing destinations. From November through April, the twin mega-yachts visit the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

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