Grid installed for RO water supply

The public entity Saba has worked on install­ing a water grid from the Fort Bay harbour to and through all villages on the island to distribute reverse osmosis (RO) water, mak­ing it more accessible to de­livery truck drivers and for the supply of water to the bottling plant.

This project, subsidised by the Ministry of Infrastruc­ture and Water Manage­ment, has made the cost of RO water lower and pro­vides affordable drinking water for the community.

The RO water goes through purification at the Saba Splash bottling plant, where minerals such as cal­cium and magnesium are added. An independent laboratory in St. Maarten tests every batch of water to ensure that it meets all legal standards for drink­ing water. After testing, the water goes through the bot­tling process.

Water can be ordered and paid for at the Receiver’s Office in the Government Administration Building. Orders must be a minimum of 10 bottles and will be de­livered.

The water bottling plant was opened November Z 2021.

The Daily Herald.

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  1. I do not understand the minimum 10 bottles? Is that for businesses or personal orders!? Is this a new policy for personal orders?
    It is very inconvenient to to all the way to the bottom to pay for water. Can this not be done on line??
    Currently I order 3 bottles at a time.

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