Dutch Basketball Federation pays second visit to Saba

The Dutch Basketball Federation (NBB) last week visited Saba for the second year in a row. The goal of the visit was to establish more in-depth relationships and draw up a 4-year plan for the development of the sport.

The coaches of the Dutch Basketball Federation and local trainers with children who participated in the basketball clinic.

The delegation met with stakeholders, such as schools, children’s organizations, and local authorities. Another priority of the visit was to make the next step in the development of the quality of the trainers and coaches. There was a workshop about the rise of 3×3 basketball and the art of designing a basketball practice. Several clinics were also organized for kids 6-18 years old.


Multi Skillz

Coaches who attended the workshop were provided with an online database of over 350 drills, Multi Skillz, in which we kids are trained in basketball FUNdamentals with a game-based approach. “Development of Basketball in general has a strong correlation with the quality of coaches. If they create a safe and high-energy atmosphere on the court and provide the players with well-balanced practices, the individual player will grow. But also, he or she will tell his or her friends something nice is happening, something you want to be part of,” said Jorrit Beerens, Head of Education of the NBB.

Coaches were also invited to obtain the Basketball Rulesbook Certificate. This certificate is an NBB obligation for all playing members of 14 years and older. Four coaches received their certificates. Amanda Clarke, a student, player, and assistant coach was the first to obtain this certificate and can call herself the first basketball player who obtained this certification in the Dutch Caribbean. “You have to be committed to what you are doing. You should not be afraid to be ambitious,” said Clarke.


Before coming to Saba, the NBB delegation visited Curaçao and Bonaire. The delegation will also go to St. Eustatius and St. Maarten. The goal is to find a common ground on the islands and to give basketball a boost on all islands at the same time. Martin Ho Suie Sang, Manager of Basketball Development of the NBB said, “It’s great to see the love for basketball on Saba and we see the potential of basketball being the driving force for the development of sport, but also for health, education, and life skills.”

“We are working on developing a structure and creating consistency. The NBB has shown us on more than one occasion that working closely together with us to create the necessary structure for continued growth. The future of basketball on Saba is looking bright and we look forward to continuing this dynamic partnership,” said Lauren Risley, Policy Advisor Sports at the Public Entity Saba.

Promoting sports

Commissioner of Sport and Public Health Rolando Wilson said he was very content with the visit of the NBB and what the organization does for Saba and the basketball players and coaches. “Basketball coaches have been coming from the Netherlands to help train our youngsters in the techniques of the game and to hold clinics for our trainers. The coaches have also been assisting with the different clubs of the Saba Comprehensive School. It is very important that we continue in this direction and keep promoting sports,” he said.


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  1. Our community need to support any sports provided here it’s more than just something to pass the time but something of positivity. SPORTS TEACHES DICIPLINE,CAN PROVIDE SCHOLARSHIPS,LIFE LONG CAREERS and so much more. Believe me I know I have been part of sports on Saba.

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