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The island’s dive tourism, which started in the early 1980s, introduced SCUBA enthusiasts to the wealth of Saba’s underwater world. The Marine Park was established in 1987 with permanent moorings, regulations of use and maintenance and a strong conservation attitude.
Saba’s Marine Park has received several honors and remains the only park of its kind in the world to be completely self-sufficient in its operation.

The park is situated around the entire island and includes the waters and seabed from the highwater mark down to a depth of 200 feet, as well as offshore seamounts. A zoning system is applied to get the best possible compromise between different uses of the marine environment.

Park Features
Saba is a dormant volcano that rises steeply from the ocean. Depths of a 1000 feet and over are found within half a mile from shore. The nearshore environments present some very interesting and extremely varied diving experiences, while the offshore dives will leave you absolutely speechless.

Map of the dive sites (provided by Dive Operator Sea Saba)

dive sites sea saba

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