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The Saba News Yellow Pages Directory is a free, online service of Saba News to the community of Saba where businesses, organizations and professionals, connected to Saba, can present themselves. There is NO time limit for the listing.

To kick off the structure, we have created categories of listings for several Saba businesses and organizations.  In case your business would be better served with another category, you may request this through a message to the editor.

You “own” your private page in the Directory for free. Once created, you then can edit the content of your page yourself and responses from potential clients will be directly sent to your email address or Whatsapp. 


You need to register as a User on the Saba News Yellow Pages section BEFORE you can post a listing. Registration is required to ensure that access to your listing is private.  If you see that your business is already listed, it indicates that the Editor is the current “Owner” of the listing. If you would like to edit, improve, remove, etc. your listing, please register first, then send a message to the Editor to facilitate the transfer of the “ownership” of the listing to your User ID. From thereon, it is all yours.

“New” businesses or organizations may directly register an account here:

Register as a new user

The registration request is confirmed to you by email. To avoid the access of spammers to the site, the Editor will review your request ASAP. As soon as your account is accepted, you will be informed by email. Then you can log in and you can post, edit and manage your listing without further assistance from the Editors. Your content is secure: only you can access your content. 

Your first listing requires approval from the Moderator before it is published online. In case your content is inappropriate, readers can report it to the Editor, who then can take action.

Editing your listing

You’ll have to log in to the Yellow Pages section before you can edit your listing

Click here to login

Then go to your listing and select “Edit”. You can only edit your own listings, so your content is safe.

Click here to logout


Your Listing

You have full control over the content of your listing. The online content consists of:


You need to select a category from the drop-down list, the main Category under which you want your listing to be displayed.
All listings are FREE and will be online for an unlimited time.

If you like to have your listing displayed in multiple categories, you can request the Editor to make the adaptation.

Short description
Here you describe in a few words what your activity is about. This content will be displayed in the category section that you have selected for your activity. Do not use more than 2-3 lines of text.

Expanded description
Here you can present a full description of your activity, even with pictures embedded in the text.

Facebook link
The link to your Facebook page if you have one. (e.g.: ). If you do not yet have a private page, create one for free on

Website link
A reference to your website, if you have one. (e.g.: ). If you do not yet have your own website, you can create one for free on The free version has limitations, mainly in the use of plugin software, but the hosting is free. As a start, it may be a good, zero-cost option.


You can upload up to 4 images. The size will be automatically reduced to 600 x 600 pixels. 

You should select 1 image as a thumbnail image that will be displayed along with the “short description”


Reader interaction

When clicking “Category”, readers will see all listings in that category, ordered alphabetically. For each listing, the Header, the Contact information, and the “Short Description” will be displayed.

Clicking the Header or the “View” button will display your full listing description.


More help needed?

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